Report Credits: The smart new way to get 40% off your reports




What are Report Credits?

Report Credits are a smart new way to get your Wine Intelligence reports. You can either choose to buy reports as one-off purchases and pay the full report price or invest in Report Credits to buy reports and receive a discount of effectively 40%.
How do Report Credits work?
How do I pay with Report Credits?
To pay with your Report Credits, choose your reports in the Reports Shop and simply select “Pay with Report Credits” at checkout. We will automatically deduct the Report Credits from your account and send you an updated Report Credit statement via email along with your purchased reports
How do I purchase Report Credits?
To purchase Report Credits simply click here to purchase from our shop
Prefer to purchase your Report Credits or reports offline?
Please give us a call on +44 (0)20 7378 1277 to discuss your requirements or send an email to
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