August 2017

Global Compass 2017-18

Global Compass 2017-2018

The Wine Intelligence Global Compass 2017-18 report and tool is now available.

Millennials don’t like Chardonnay – Winetitles Media

Wine Title Meda

Winetitles Media leads with one of the most striking findings from our recent report, Australia Landscapes 2017. Millennial consumers are moving away from Australia’s go-to grape, Chardonnay, and are experimenting more with aromatic varietals such as Moscato and Grüner Veltliner. Click here […]

Vinitrac® October 2017: now accepting questions


In just a few short weeks, Wine Intelligence will launch the latest wave of Vinitrac®, the world’s largest ongoing online study of wine drinkers.

Press Release: Australia’s next generation of wine drinkers continues to move on from Chardonnay, according to new Wine Intelligence report

Australia Landscapes 2017

The Australia Landscapes 2017 report found that 43% of 25-34 year old regular wine drinkers in Australia have drunk Chardonnay in the past 6 months, compared with 61% of 55-64 year old wine drinkers.

Chinese wine lovers snub screwcap, for now – Decanter


Another article on Wine Intelligence’s research into closures (natural cork, synthetic cork and screwcap) comes from Decanter journalist Andrziej Binkiewicz. Picking up on the distinctive differences between our key markets – Australia, China, Germany, the UK and US – the article highlights […]

China prefers corks for wine, UK don’t mind – Sino


Sino Spectrum, a London-based radio station bringing together the UK and China, also leads with a story based on Wine Intelligence’s insights into wine closures. Our multi-market research allows us to draw comparisons between Chinese wine drinkers (much more concerned about natural cork […]

Natural cork still reigns supreme in China – thedrinksbusiness


thedrinksbusiness leads with a story collected from five of our in-depth market reports about the popularity of natural cork closures in Australia, China, Germany, the US and the UK. China is overwhelming in favour of natural cork while the Australians are more enamoured […]

The rosé trend has turned spirits pink – FoodDIVE


FoodDIVE plunges straight into the growth of rosé in the US market and its impact on other categories, with “rival pink drinks such as Código 1530 Rosa Tequila, Sweet Revenge Whiskey and Gordon’s Pink Gin, which get their newly rosy tint from […]

“Wine industry ablush as Canadians quaff record amounts of the photogenic pink drink” – Financial Post


Claire Brownell of the Financial Post examines the meteoric rise of rosé in the Canadian market. Using our multi-market expertise, the article places the category’s growth in a global context and charts out the future of rosé wines in Canada. Click here or read […]

An age apart


As Australia’s domestic production diversifies, the age gap in consumer tastes begins to widen

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