August 2015

The value of China

China Infographics (00000002)
Is Australia winning in China?

A good recommendation in Australia

Australia shopper
Decision-making dilemmas for ‘real wine drinkers’

Singular focus

people at cafe tables from above
What wine can learn from Bad Eggs and Cereal Killers

Collaboration on a toasted bun

Pop-ups and unusual partnerships: an opportunity for the Australian wine industry

Who Will Buy “Masstige” Wines in China?

Masstige brands have great potential to create excitement among the new generation of wine drinkers in China

July 2015

No home run yet for the US online channel

Woman with tablet
Americans’ use of the internet to buy wine has been lagging, but it’s starting to catch up

A Question of Destination

How to tackle the tricky challenge of allocating scarce marketing resources among export markets

Setting a label standard

project norm

Wine Intelligence now provides an industry benchmark for wine label testing

It’s personal

In a world of digital distance, old fashioned communication matters more

Journey of 1,000 miles

Jiuxian promotion
Wine is slowly becoming a mainstream drink in China, led by the young and educated
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