February 2015

A woman’s place

Pod 1.3

Should marketers give up on the idea of gender-specific wines?

Trends – Super Bowl edition

Pod 3

The world’s most expensive television advertising event is a great opportunity to see some of our 2015 trends in action

New York state of wine

Pod 2

The younger generation is reshaping the wine world in America’s biggest city

January 2015

Five decision-making prescriptions


January tends to be the time to make big long-term decisions, but what can we do to make the process less painful?

The natural touch

health 5

How wine can tread a delicate path to be part of the well-being trend

Movers and shakers: the growing categories of the wine world


Consumer trends and insights from Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® platform

December 2014

We are now recruiting – Senior Research Manager / Associate Director, London


Wine Intelligence London office: Full time Senior Research position Analyst

We are now recruiting – PA to the Chief Operating Officer


Wine Intelligence London office: PA to the Chief Operating Officer

Direct boost in the US


Direct-To-Consumer sales are growing as US consumers find they have more money to spend, more reasons to be involved with wine, and direct wine shipping legislation eases

From asking to listening


How new technologies are changing the way we do research
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