Japan Landscapes 2017

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This 95-page report is the result of our ongoing quantitative survey of regular Japanese wine drinkers and in-depth trade interviews with local industry experts. Drawing on market experience and secondary sources to support our detailed analysis of how the market is performing today, the report also looks to the future and identifies key trends driving the market forward.
As well as investigating what Japanese regular wine drinkers are consuming, our Japan Landscapes 2017 looks into which specific wine descriptors consumers find appealing or unappealing for both red and white wine. Wine descriptors are a crucial element in the marketing of wine, with the simple, few words on the back of a label or on a tasting note holding the potential to captivate a consumer – or just as easily deter them. For this investigation, we have divided common wine descriptors into two groups; ‘style’ descriptors and ‘flavour’ descriptors.

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Drawing on data collected from our July 2017 wave of Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviours), trade interviews, secondary sources and market experience, the Japan Landscapes 2017 report also features:
Key trends in the Japanese market and coming challenges

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