Global Compass 2017-18


This year’s edition of our Global Compass report comes at a time of heightened uncertainty among the major wine-consuming economies of the world: the United States is now led by an unashamedly protectionist President who is threatening to withdraw from long-standing trade agreements; the UK is leaving the EU in 2019 with no sign of an agreement on future trade; and Brazil is suffering the effects of 5 years of political instability. But economic confidence in the Eurozone has just hit a 10 year high and the FTSE and Dow Jones have both hit record highs this year. Where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.
The Global Compass report and tool help eliminate uncertainty and highlight opportunity. We have collected data from 50 global markets that we have identified as the most attractive, profitable and full of potential. Using a unique and updated formula that takes into consideration both general economic measures and wine market measures, we have produced this year’s definitive ranking of the most lucrative wine markets.

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A 53-page report, including:
  • analysis of economic and wine market measures
  • a detailed classification framework for the 50 wine markets
  • how to apply the report findings to your own business
  • methodology
A powerful Excel tool that allows:
  • individual and user-friendly analysis for each of the 50 markets
  • direct comparison between markets
  • economic summary
  • wine market summary

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