China grows up: part two

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Two weeks ago, we explored four key trends in China’s maturing market. Today, we talk about four more, covering youth, sparkling, whites, and closures.
Part one of China grows up showed a seismic shift in the way wine is sold and consumed in the Chinese market. Higher disposable income and improved distribution logistics for wine is driving growth in lower tier cities; wine is increasingly purchased for personal, everyday consumption; retail prices are normalising and regional tastes are shaping local wine ranges.
Part two shows how a younger and diversifying population is creating opportunities for aromatic white wines, sparkling wines and screw-cap closures in a market traditionally dominated by Old World reds under cork.
China drinking population
China closure pricing
For more insight into the Chinese wine market, our report China Landscapes 2017 is available for purchase now. Featuring detailed consumer profiles, wine motivations, channel and retailer usage, consumption behaviour, beverage repertoire, brand health and hot topics on wine style and flavour descriptors and closure attitudes, China Landscapes 2017 is essential reading.
Author: James Wainscott

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