Chile Landscapes 2017


Chile Landscapes 2017
Drawing on data collected from in-depth trade interviews, triad interviews with regular wine drinkers in Chile, secondary sources and from Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviours), this report is our first overview of the Chilean wine market. Please note that the report is published in Spanish, but includes a detailed Management Summary in English.
Chile Landscapes 2017 includes a focus on the on-trade, and reveals that the rise of new wine-dedicated venues, such as Bocanáriz and Baco in Santiago, has been supported by the emergence of a small but dedicated group of regular wine drinkers who are now more adventurous and experimental.
Though high prices have historically deterred would-be wine drinkers from consuming wine in the on-trade, venues are now increasing their by-the-glass offerings and introducing supermarket-level pricing in a bid to get more wine drinkers through the door. It has worked: Wine Intelligence research shows that 43% of regular wine drinkers in urban areas in Chile now drink wine in bars, and 89% in restaurants.
This small base of highly engaged wine consumers are now looking for new styles outside Chile’s standard offering: fresher, lighter wines with lower alcohol from boutique wineries with limited production. They are significantly more likely to agree that they enjoy trying new and different styles of wine on a regular basis and are turning to imported wine to satisfy their demands.

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A 81-page PowerPoint report with the latest information regarding the still light wine category in Chile, supported by:



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