July 2015

No home run yet for the US online channel

Woman with tablet
Americans’ use of the internet to buy wine has been lagging, but it’s starting to catch up

Shades of judgement

Bottle colours
How changing the colour of packaging can boost likelihood to buy

June 2015

The Latin Touch

hispanics drinking wine
Why the changing size of the Hispanic population is integral to understanding the US wine market

What’s in a name? Actually quite a lot

naming 1
New Wine Intelligence test confirms the relationship between ease of pronunciation and purchase

May 2015

Millennials in the driving seat

US Millennials - EH

How the changing generational mix is affecting the US wine market

February 2015

Prosecco’s silent revolution in the US market

Pod 1.1

How successful categories grow

Trends – Super Bowl edition

Pod 3

The world’s most expensive television advertising event is a great opportunity to see some of our 2015 trends in action

New York state of wine

Pod 2

The younger generation is reshaping the wine world in America’s biggest city

December 2014

Direct boost in the US


Direct-To-Consumer sales are growing as US consumers find they have more money to spend, more reasons to be involved with wine, and direct wine shipping legislation eases

October 2014

Do Millennials Matter?

US Millennials image

America’s younger adults are at the centre of most marketing plans – but are they really that important?
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