May 2017

De legem ad vinum

Open book in library

Our US country manager reflects on her journey from maritime law to wine industry research

Announcing the Vinitrac® July 2017 wave


Talk to 360 million wine drinkers around the world

February 2017

Let the shipments roll

Open bottles of red and white wine in case - 192267269

Easing of regulation and economic good times are fueling a boom in the US direct-to-consumer channel.

Go boutique or go bust?

US Label Design 2017

Does it pay to stand out, or do middle of the road label designs reap dividends? Wine Intelligence investigates with our latest report, US Label Design 2017.

January 2017

Global Consumer Trends Workshop 2017 Series


Join Wine Intelligence for our latest series of interactive workshops where we explore the latest in global behavioural and attitudinal consumer trends.

November 2016

Turning point?

Give and take

America’s voters have opted for a very different future. Their attitude to wine seems to be changing too.

Have some Madeira, y’all


The other Portuguese fortified wine was the #1 drink in newly independent America – and its former glory still echoes in New York’s liquor stores

October 2016

Never mind the politics

USA Never mind the politics

Despite (or perhaps because of) the most extraordinary White House race in decades, Americans are drinking more wine, and spending more on it

Independents’ day

US Independents Girl

US specialist and independent wine retail are pivoting their business models to attract an increasingly online and social-media driven customer Generalising about wine retail channels in the US market is no easy feat. Given the complexity of the country’s alcohol laws, which […]

September 2016

Force for good?


Our correspondent visits Pennsylvania’s state controlled liquor stores and comes away with a changed view

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