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No home run yet for the US online channel

Woman with tablet
Americans’ use of the internet to buy wine has been lagging, but it’s starting to catch up

Shades of judgement

Bottle colours
How changing the colour of packaging can boost likelihood to buy

June 2015

The Latin Touch

hispanics drinking wine
Why the changing size of the Hispanic population is integral to understanding the US wine market

What’s in a name? Actually quite a lot

naming 1
New Wine Intelligence test confirms the relationship between ease of pronunciation and purchase

May 2015

Millennials in the driving seat

US Millennials - EH

How the changing generational mix is affecting the US wine market

October 2014

The Great Cider Heist

US cider

…Or how the hard cider category stole the hearts of 20 million American wine drinkers

September 2014

Three steps to Premium


23 million Americans typically spend over $15 on a bottle of wine from a store – what can we learn about them?

August 2014

How pre-wine drinkers build their knowledge


Why do Americans teenagers tend to forget about wine when asked to name types of alcoholic beverages? What makes it different than everything else?

July 2014

Wine Intelligence USA Label design 2014

Thumbnail Master CURRENT v2

New report release: Wine Intelligence – Wine Intelligence USA Label design 2014

Cracking the label code


What your label says about your brand can be a crucial element in consumer choice
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