June 2014

Qualitative insights from UK wine consumers

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Discover a better way of researching key UK consumer segments

Refreshingly Fortified


Millennials see the refreshing and fashionable side of Port & Sherry

Judging a book by its cover


Are the label preferences of the UK wine consumer evolving?

May 2014

Sun’s out – let’s fix the roof


The UK’s economic revival provides a chance to reboot innovation in the wine category

April 2014

Think like a retailer

Despite the technological advances of the past 2 decades, selling groceries to British consumers is a lot harder than it looks

How long will the fizz last?

Sparkling wine has been a bright spot in the UK for the past five years – but competition is growing

March 2014

Pass the (re)port

What news might we discover about the UK fortified wine drinker?

December 2013

It’s all about me

Are British shoppers really changing? There seems to be a strong groundswell of opinion suggesting that this will be a “different” Christmas

The Generation Game

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The UK’s millennial consumers are behaving very differently from their parents when it comes to wine

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