January 2018

Positive thinking: The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of measuring mental wellbeing in the UK drinks industry

The Benevolent Poster

Wine Intelligence has been commissioned by The Benevolent to conduct a survey looking into the mental wellbeing of employees in the UK drinks industry. Here we look into the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of such a survey.   

Worth a thousand words: What a wine label tells your consumer

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Ahead of the UK Label Designs report later this week, we look at what a wine label tells your consumer

December 2017

Brexit Boom or Bust for UK Wine Trade – WineSearcher


Writing for Wine-Searcher.com, James Lawrence delivers his take on how the UK wine trade is handling the cloud of uncertainty hanging that is Brexit. He speaks to industry experts, including our own CFO Richard Halstead, to get to the heart of the greatest challenges facing businesses operating today.

Braced for Brexit

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18 months after the referendum that started the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, Wine Intelligence’s latest UK Landscapes report looks at the initial impact on the wine industry

2017: rewind

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In our last Network News of the year, we take a look at our most influential stories from 2017

November 2017

UK Landscapes 2017

UK Landscapes 2017

This 105-page report tackles the most pressing issues in the UK wine trade today, from online retail to sustainable wines and, inevitably, Brexit. Drawing on new consumer and trade research to support our detailed analysis of how the market is performing today, […]

October 2017

Senses working overtime

Barullo doors

Wines of Argentina’s recent Barullo tasting in London made a star of Argentine culture, and revealed some of the challenges facing its winemakers

Is there a prescription for trading up?


Tim Jackson’s MW Research Paper suggests that around 8 hours of wine education ought to do the trick

August 2017

Chinese wine lovers snub screwcap, for now – Decanter


Another article on Wine Intelligence’s research into closures (natural cork, synthetic cork and screwcap) comes from Decanter journalist Andrziej Binkiewicz. Picking up on the distinctive differences between our key markets – Australia, China, Germany, the UK and US – the article highlights […]

China prefers corks for wine, UK don’t mind – Sino


Sino Spectrum, a London-based radio station bringing together the UK and China, also leads with a story based on Wine Intelligence’s insights into wine closures. Our multi-market research allows us to draw comparisons between Chinese wine drinkers (much more concerned about natural cork […]

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