February 2017

Social media’s disappointing numbers game


Businesses are pouring resources into social media content – but is it worth it?

December 2016

Mature correlations


Marketers’ obsessions with youth may be premature, at least in some markets

September 2016

Introducing Wine Intelligence’s first omnibus trade interview programme


Ask trade experts your questions.

August 2016

Festivals and wine brands: how to chase and capture Millennials’ imaginations

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Millennials can be a tough crowd, but perhaps festivals offer an opportunity for wine brands to make their mark on the minds of this most elusive of demographics.

July 2016

Seeds of success

Sunflower seeds b-w (600x600)

What can innovators do to break down a consumer’s natural distrust of the new?

May 2016

Are we really that bad at innovation?

JuP (shutterstock) (600x600)

Our observations show that the wine industry is full of new ideas, but consumers often aren’t interested

March 2016

Great expectations

shutterstock_260533109 (400x267)

For all our industry’s efforts at improving wine quality, the secret of success may be found inside a consumer’s brain

December 2015

Miracle in the wine aisle


Despite prophesies of doom, some brands seem to be doing quite well in the UK supermarket channel

July 2015

A Question of Destination

How to tackle the tricky challenge of allocating scarce marketing resources among export markets

April 2015

Happy Sisterhood Day


Baileys strikes an emotional chord with Chinese women by playing the BFF card
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