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Minorities vs majorities

Minorities vs. majorities

Consumer behaviour is fraught with misplaced assumptions and paradoxes designed to catch out unwary brand managers. But there are some powerful learnings for those willing to embrace the topic in all its contradictory glory

February 2018

Signalling effect: Go big or go home

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Do consumers care if a brand is marketing itself in an expensive way? An expensive engagement ring signals long term commitment rather than short term intention; a hand-written letter signals thoughtful and planned care rather than last minute improvisation; and the colourful […]

November 2017

Eco matters

eco matters

Wines made using organic, biodynamic and sustainable practices are becoming better known, but consumer confusion persists

The choice monster


Proliferation of options in consumer goods is a fact of 21st century life, but is it a good thing?

October 2017

Marking your territory


Regions the world over know the value of establishing “territory brands” – but to do so they need a coherent agreed strategy

September 2017

Does wine tourism boost sales?

wine tourism

Evidence from Friuli Venezia Giulia suggests that tourism can create a legion of ambassadors for a region’s wine offering

August 2017

From a land down under


A radical overhaul of alcohol taxation and innovative packaging design could have a deep and lasting impact on the Australian wine market

July 2017

Back to reality

LHJ 150x150

A few reasons to challenge accepted wisdom on Millennials and the wine category

April 2017

Flavour of the age

Varietal NZ Thumbnail 1

As we grow older, so our tastes in wine change – or at least how we like to describe them

March 2017

Your brand is unique. Does anyone care?


The legacy of Andrew Ehrenberg is haunting brand managers in all categories – and wine is no exception.

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