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Going down?

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Growing health concerns are making a more compelling case for lower alcohol wines, and younger drinkers are taking note.

September 2014

Lower Alcohol Wines: A Multi-Market Perspective 2014

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New report release: Wine Intelligence – Lower Alcohol Wines: A Multi-Market Perspective 2014

August 2013

Enough to drive you to drink

wine jet breaking into glass
The low alcohol wine debate is caught in a semantic labyrinth.

Searching for lower limits in France

The French may learn to love lower alcohol wine – if they can find it.

July 2013

Mainstream beckons for lower alcohol wines

In spite of regulation and taxation issues, lower alcohol wines are drawing a crowd in key markets

June 2013

Lower alcohol wine: a global trend?

Low alcohol wines
Lessons from the UK.

March 2013

The summer of alternatives?

Summer alternative
This summer may be more about the container than the product itself.

February 2013

Let’s hear it for the girls

Girl Power
Far from being an empty pop slogan, Girl Power is an international trend which marketers need to grasp in more than a tokenistic way.