January 2014

France falls for flavoured wines

The un-traditional combo is quickly becoming the hot new craze in France’s alcohol industry

October 2013

Retro remains hot

Retro bottles
The hunger for tradition, heritage and the reassurance of simpler times shows no signs of abating in wine. . . .and lots of other places.

September 2013

Nigeria: Bubbles, brands and new consumers

Sub-saharan Africa is starting to feature on many wine producers’ radars, led by Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

August 2013

Hosting Brazil style

Rio beach at night
Will the global focus on Brazil profit the wine sector?

Made in Mexico

Wine Shop in Mexico
Maria Troein reports back from Mexico City, what the “Made in Mexico” trend means for imported wines.

Accessorise it

Wine accessories
The latest wine accessory to add to your arsenal.

July 2013

Mainstream beckons for lower alcohol wines

In spite of regulation and taxation issues, lower alcohol wines are drawing a crowd in key markets

June 2013

Consumer generated: Coke and Stella

Personalised Coke
Your drink is getting personal.

Lower alcohol wine: a global trend?

Low alcohol wines
Lessons from the UK.

May 2013

Are your wine labels on trend?

We take look at wine labels who have put their own twist on global trends.

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