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What’s hot in the global village


Last Friday, industry professionals from every sector joined Wine Intelligence in central London for our inaugural Global Consumer Trends 2017 workshop.

January 2017

Global Consumer Trends Workshop 2017 Series


Join Wine Intelligence for our latest series of interactive workshops where we explore the latest in global behavioural and attitudinal consumer trends.

December 2016

Mature correlations


Marketers’ obsessions with youth may be premature, at least in some markets

November 2016

A little bit of give and take

Consumer Trends

Consumer trends in food and drink used to be about revering Nature; now it’s about improving on it.

May 2016

Workshopping the future

Businessman walking through keyhole opening in wall (600x600)

Uber-ising the wine order in a bar to Vinstant wine capsules: some notable ideas from this year’s Wine Intelligence Trends Workshop tour

April 2016

The size problem

Selection of wine bottles - 134190404 (800x800)

Why should wine still be sold in a 75cl bottle?

Nowhere to hide

Chart and magnifying glass_bw (666x666)

As consumers increasingly see straight through spin, genuine transparency has become the answer for today’s businesses.

The special one

One gold star in lots of grey ones (800x799)

For some customers, even the very best won’t suffice. If everybody else has exactly the same thing, is quality in itself really enough?

Living the high life

Golden doughnut (600x599)

With our 2016 Global Consumer Trends workshops fast approaching, we explore two different sides of the ‘Upgrade’ trend

March 2016

Freedom from choice


How options-overload is driving a trend towards perfection in simple, focused products.

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