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Wine Intelligence CEO Lulie Halstead reflects on the consumer relationship with premium wine following the recent Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines conference held in Champagne, France

September 2017

Viaggio nella francia del vino, dove i consumi calano ma sono ancora da record, e la voglia di novitá, dal bag-in-box al rosé, passando per il tappo a vite, é la chiave per il future – WineNews.It

Wine News

WineNews.It shares the latest findings from the France Landscapes 2017 report by Wine Intelligence, examining the continued fall in wine consumption. But the growth of bag-in-box wines and rosé shows that the French market is anything but stagnant.

France Landscapes 2017

France Landscapes 2017

ABOUT THIS REPORT This 85-page report, available in both English and French, is our latest investigation into the French wine market and its consumers. The report builds on insight collected over the last seven years, with a focus on the impact of […]

January 2016

Going down?

Open bottles of red and white wine in case - 192267269

Growing health concerns are making a more compelling case for lower alcohol wines, and younger drinkers are taking note.

January 2014

France falls for flavoured wines

The un-traditional combo is quickly becoming the hot new craze in France’s alcohol industry

August 2013

Searching for lower limits in France

The French may learn to love lower alcohol wine – if they can find it.