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2017: rewind

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In our last Network News of the year, we take a look at our most influential stories from 2017

October 2017

Revisiting Parker’s cork prediction

Cork 150

What 10 years of consumer data on closure preferences tells us about complex systems

September 2017

Boyd on wine: Screw cap, cork or something else? – The Press Democrat

Press Democrat

Gerald D. Boyd, reporting for the Press Democrat, uses Wine Intelligence data in his exploration of wine closure attitudes across the world. To read the full article, click here.

August 2017

Chinese wine lovers snub screwcap, for now – Decanter


Another article on Wine Intelligence’s research into closures (natural cork, synthetic cork and screwcap) comes from Decanter journalist Andrziej Binkiewicz. Picking up on the distinctive differences between our key markets – Australia, China, Germany, the UK and US – the article highlights […]

China prefers corks for wine, UK don’t mind – Sino


Sino Spectrum, a London-based radio station bringing together the UK and China, also leads with a story based on Wine Intelligence’s insights into wine closures. Our multi-market research allows us to draw comparisons between Chinese wine drinkers (much more concerned about natural cork […]

Keeping an open mind on closures


Cork is still king in the consumer’s mind, but how do other closures stack up across the world?

From a land down under


A radical overhaul of alcohol taxation and innovative packaging design could have a deep and lasting impact on the Australian wine market

July 2014

Closure Trends in Australia, UK and US 2014

Thumbnail Master CURRENT v2

New report release: Wine Intelligence – Closure Trends in Australia, UK and US 2014 report

December 2012

Are we ready for screw-caps on sparkling wine?

Moving beyond natural cork for sparkling is taking hold, led by Australian producers.

November 2012

Getting some closure

Could US wine drinkers finally be ready to embrace screw-caps?