November 2014

What goes on behind the Chinese wall?


Learnings from the Wines of Chile online community

September 2014

Where have all the shoppers gone?


Shanghai’s gleaming shopping malls are temples to luxury consumption. Only one thing is missing: customers.

Austerity’s silver lining


Falling retail prices for traditional gifts – including wine – are giving Chinese consumers a particularly happy Mid-Autumn Festival

August 2014

Four things your wine brand needs to do to win in China


Brands need to help consumers navigate choices, to reassure and resonate, and to get them to feel a sense of closeness and social superiority

July 2014

Three simple steps to improving your digital marketing in China


Getting your online comms right can be a huge boost to your brand, so long as you can avoid some basic errors

June 2014

The new Chinese wine drinker


Learn about the 38 million imported wine drinkers in China

May 2014

The Selfie obsession in China


Chinese consumers come up with more ways to personalise their world

March 2014

Talking points memo: wine in China

Our latest commentary on the fluctuating fortunes of wine in the Middle Kingdom

February 2014

Horse on a high wire

Could this be the year of the Chinese consumer?

December 2013

Can you afford to play Chinese trademark roulette?

China Trademark picture
Wine businesses are still risking their future by failing to protect their brand names in China

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