June 2015

Chateau of A Hundred Prices

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If you think wine shopping in the West is confusing, try choosing a bottle from the aisles of a supermarket in Chengdu



May 2015

And so a revolution begins


China’s imported wine market is evolving thanks to burgeoning numbers of younger, less involved wine drinkers who buy wine at entry-level prices

Does travel broaden the palate?


Last year 100 million Chinese went abroad as tourists. Here are our thoughts on what wine businesses can do to build their connection with this new audience.

April 2015

Happy Sisterhood Day


Baileys strikes an emotional chord with Chinese women by playing the BFF card

February 2015

Chinese New Year edition

Pod 2

The Middle Kingdom is now leading the way in some consumer trends

November 2014

Happy, single, and spending


What the gigantic retail frenzy that is China’s Single’s Day tells us about how consumer motivations are changing

What goes on behind the Chinese wall?


Learnings from the Wines of Chile online community

September 2014

Where have all the shoppers gone?


Shanghai’s gleaming shopping malls are temples to luxury consumption. Only one thing is missing: customers.

Austerity’s silver lining


Falling retail prices for traditional gifts – including wine – are giving Chinese consumers a particularly happy Mid-Autumn Festival
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