Australian sparkling wine has a big opportunity to boost domestic sales

Sparkling wine in the Australian market

Highlights from the latest sparkling wine report
With the dollar weakening, Australians will find imported sparkling wine more expensive and are likely to turn even more frequently to their home-produced fizz – a product they already hold in high regard and which is consumed at least once a month by 95% of sparkling wine consumers.
Around a quarter of adults in Australia consume some kind of sparkling wine on a regular basis. Although Champagne is consumed by a significant portion of Australians, it is reserved for infrequent, more formal occasions. One in three of its devotees say they are likely to drink less of it in future. This is expected to benefit Australian sparkling wine, a product that is considered to be better value and higher quality than rival such as Italian Prosecco, Cava and New Zealand sparkling wine by Australian consumers as a whole. Meanwhile, sparkling wines from Spain, Italy and New Zealand do have a following in Australia, but they tend to be enjoyed by the more involved wine drinkers, rather than the mainstream.
The good news for Australian sparkling wine is that it is seen as being good quality, almost on a par with French Champagne, and certainly a step above the quality of sparkling wine produced by other export countries. Australian sparkling wine is also regarded as less stuffy than Champagne, with more versatility over a wider range of occasions, according to Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac survey, involving nearly 2,500 regular Australian drinkers.
But although sparkling wine sales are strong in Australia, the market does face challenges. The sparkling wine market in Australia has seen modest growth in recent years, and while it seems unlikely that this will change dramatically in the immediate future, there may be some changes to the way sales break down.
Author: Natasha Rastegar

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