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Consumer generated: Coke and Stella

Personalised Coke
Your drink is getting personal.

Get your back label right for China

Back Label
Reaching Chinese consumers through your back label: read our free White Paper.

Lower alcohol wine: a global trend?

Low alcohol wines
Lessons from the UK.

Cultural aftershocks

Japanese Wine Market
The Japanese wine market is starting to look exciting again.

Storm in a wine glass?

A closer look at China’s recent investigation of EU wine Imports.

Discuss and debate some innovations in global wine retailing at Vinexpo Bordeaux next Tuesday, 18th June

Wine Intelligence presentation, in collaboration with Vinexpo at 2.30pm, Amphithéâtre B – Convention Centre.

Videos from our Meet the Mavericks Symposium at LIWF 2013

The Mavericks
Many thanks to all those who attended our “Meet the Mavericks” Symposium at London International Wine Fair last month.

Hispanic consumers in the USA

Hispanic Consumer
Understanding the consumer habits of this important and growing market segment.

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